The ROI of Customer Retention

This infographic by Shankman-Honig does a great job of demonstrating the cost of lost customers and what can happen when brands start focusing on customer retention:


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About Ni Duan 倪端

Ni Duan (倪 端)is a published author , empower communicator, visual artist and lifestyle entrepreneur. Founder at Etiquette MBA & Branding Academy(E.M.B.A) 現代國際禮儀MBA品牌推廣學院 – 創辦人 CEO & Founder at OPUS Communications & Cultural Consultancy 美好文化國際事務公關顧問公司 – 執行長 Founder at Chinese International Image & Civility Association(CIICA) 中華國際形象禮儀協會 - 創會發起人暨會長  公眾形象 公眾形象 ‧ 藝術經理人、風格美學創業家 ‧ 抽象畫家、視覺藝術家、時尚設計師 ‧ 生活激勵演說者、軟實力溝通學講師 ‧ 人力資源 (性格潛能 )評量系統設計開發 ‧ 媒體有影響力之生命靈數學專家 ‧ 出版作者、專欄作家 (已出版 20 多本書籍 )  倪端網站 倪端官網 倪端專業 影音頻道 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Born and raised in Taiwan, Miss Ni, Duan has lived and worked in USA、China and Austria, now is based in Taipei , where she contributes 20 years of multi-media and integrated marketing experience to both local and international clients. Ni, Duan has been acclaimed by major media in Taiwan, China and overseas as one of the leading performing/visual arts creator and producer in Asia. She also is recognized as an abstract painter、 marketing PR professional、new business developer、popular book author and motivational speaker. Miss Ni has published over 20 books and made appearance on radio / TV shows regularly to inspire people developing their potentials. She has an active role in numerous cultural activities. Her publications and presentations are including Marketing / Sales, Business, Soft Skills and Lifestyle that showed on main stream medium and entertainment industries in Taiwan and China. She is the most popular and influential modern numerologist in Chinese society 。 According to her multi-cultural life background and professional working history, who is capable of managing any crisis situations and difficulties well with her remarkable soft skills and individual charisma. She likes to innovate and explore to challenge herself in different ways. She is full of passion and energy to be involved with new things. Miss Ni is a long-life volunteer for 「Helping Children Back to School」& 「Food for the Hungry People」program . She has very strong belief in love and charity is the power key to make the world better . 倪端女士身兼藝術經紀、激勵演說者、抽象畫家 與20多本著作出版作家多重身份,並具有國際藝術策展與媒體文化公關等工作之歷練。多年的旅遊經驗與多國文化薰陶,使她擅長提供專業溝通諮商與個人風格塑造。 她熱愛所有具挑戰與探險的內容,具創新獨特的開創性格,並充滿熱情與開放精神參與所有新興事物。她同時為「幫貧童返校計畫」與「協助饑餓弱勢」的終身義工。倪端女士深信,愛的分享與慈善貢獻是讓世界更美好的最大原動力量。 特別一提,倪端女士又以「現代數字學」專家身份,於奧地利發展《創意性格潛能開發》中心,經常在大中華圈與歐洲地區演說,以所發展之性格系統運用在HR人力資源分析,結合其出版之相關著作,教導大家如何認識自己與潛能再造,目前已授權許多團體單位與教學組織做為授課內容。同時,倪端女士獨創了『ND讀數法』,精準預測與潛意識心理分析,除創造極大的娛樂效果,並計畫開發學習教育的產業價值,部份內容在網站上造成潮流熱點,相互傳送並熱烈討論之。 倪端女士為《TVBS》、《Cosmo》、《Elle》、《Vogue》、《Esquire》、《東京衣芙》等國際版時尚生活雜誌,報章媒體及重要社群網路之專欄作者。並為電視節目固定數字學諮詢專家;常受邀廣播、電視節目暢談兩性/職場/親子關係與性格潛能開發,為企業團體與大學院校「Smart溝通學」與「商業軟實力」專題講師、製作主持wowo101網路生活電台,分享生活經驗和藝文美感。倪端女士曾長年旅居美國,並往返中國工作,目前以台灣與歐洲奧地利為主要居住地,積極透過政府推動保留當地文化與兒童藝術教育發展。

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